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Just as there are laws in the Universe,
there laws with Love. If you understand
and practice these laws, you will have
the power to create a life with so much meaning that it will effect the world for
​several generations to come! 

What if you had the ability to be loved by anyone? What if everyone in your life was always expressing how thankful they were to have you in their life? I mean, your boss, your friends, your spouse? What if you were so loved that you had thousands of fans? Does that sound crazy? 

It shouldn't, because I will show you how to generate a Love so strong that it will get you everything you have ever wanted in life. I can teach you the way to have a life which is bursting with love. I will teach you how to become a Love Genius!

This self-led course is for you if:

  • You want to become a Leader with Integrity
  • Want a life where every area is filled with Love and fulfillment (business, friends, family, etc)
  • Want to become a Lovetrepreneur (someone who can generate love in any situation at anytime)

This self-led course is not for you if:

  • You want to lead a selfish life
  • You have no motivation.
  • You are a hater.

“Andrew sees in everyone he interacts with that
hidden potential which is usually a blind spot for the person them self. He patiently helps to develop that potential into something wonderful, even life-changing. Learning from Andrew to look at people in this perspective took my leadership skills to a new level, and made me more loving and loved.”
Olga Ma ~ Lawyer
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Everyone can have the life they want, but it must be fueled by a love that is meaningful and lasting, otherwise everything will eventually hall apart. 

Andrew Love

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Andrew Love has combined his many years on stage as a comedian with his work as a spiritual leader to form unique methods of bringing the best out of people.

Though technology (the vehicle) is always changing, the Heart that Andrew brings into everything he does remains the same.

​If you want to find ways to become more Sincere, moreLoving, more Caring, have more Friends, have deeper Relationships, if you want toLaugh, if you want your company to be more Genuine, then find a way to connect with Andrew Love.

(That's his really real name by the way). 

These are the 21 Lessons in the
LoveGenius series:

 1)  Introduction
 2) The 'Me' Complex: Part 1
 3) The 'Me' Complex: Part 2
 4) Your Destiny,
     Your Responsibility: Part 1

 5) The Love in Others
 6) Total Optimist
 7) Your Destiny,
     Your Responsibility: Part 2

 8) Dividing Yourself
 9) Sea Saw
10) Resentment is a Tick
11) You Break It, You Buy It: Part 1
12) You Break It, You Buy It: Part 2
13) The Truth in Beauty
14) Spinning Plates
15) The Size of Your Heart
16) Thinking, Feeling, Doing
17) Shake That Juice
18) A Life Without Shadows
19) The 7 Characteristics of a   

20) Incurruptible Love
21)  A Legacy of Love
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Become a Love Genius in 21 Days

The Love Genius
Package $97

  • 21 Video lessons
  • 21 beautiful and customizable PDF workbooks (can be filled in on computer or printed out)
  • 3 MP3 meditation tracks (1 per week)
  • Lifetime access to videos

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